My questionnaire is designed to learn about the little details in your relationship that make your union unique

tell your story

Using the information you provide, I weave your story into memorable personal vows and/or customized wedding ceremonies


Together, we will make any necessary revisions until we reach perfection.  Services are 100% guaranteed. 


The final vows and/or ceremony will be mailed to you on beautifully printed stock so you are not only reading the perfect words, but you are doing so in style

Getting to Know You

In order for me to write a truly memorable and personal piece for your wedding ceremony, I need to learn some details of your relationship.  The questions are driven to unearth the most intricate details - for example, I will ask not just how you met, but if you remember any specifics of that moment.  Do you remember what you were wearing or what he/she was wearing?  Maybe you remember the way your partner laughed or interacted with someone else.  Was there a moment you knew this person was different and if so, did you happen to be eating a double cheeseburger with fries at the moment?  Since then, what other discoveries have you made about your partner that are endearing?  These are the details that will make your ceremony stand out from the traditional cookie cutter molds we have all heard a hundred times.


Your answers will inspire me to design your ceremony into what guests will remember for years to come.  Every memory, feeling, and hope for the future will be yours.  My job is to capture these thoughts and compose an articulate script that you and your partner are proud of.  Click here to read some sample pieces.  


Many comparable writing services limit the number of edits you make to the final version.  I want you to be completely happy with the final product and I have no problem making as many revisions as necessary to get there.  My work is 100% guaranteed so if we can't achieve perfection, you pay absolutely nothing.


Now that your ceremony is exactly how you want it, there is no way I'm letting you read it off a crumpled, folded up piece of paper stuffed into your pocket.  Your ceremony will be printed on beautiful card stock and mailed to either you or your officiant.  Not only is this a much classier way to read your vows or ceremony, it is a keepsake many couples choose to frame to remember this very special day.

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