Sand Ceremonies

Symbolic Rituals

Incorporating a sand ceremony into your wedding or vow renewal ceremony is a beautiful symbolic way to represent your individual lives coming together into a blended union.  If either or both partners have children from previous marriages, a sand ceremony is a lovely way to let them take part in the ceremony.  Each person participating pours his or her own container of sand into one taller vessel which then serves as a keepsake of the wedding.  

​When shopping for a sand ceremony kit, make sure the mouth of the large container is wide enough to easily pour into and that if you are having an outdoor ceremony, the containers will stand up to wind as Cape Cod can get breezy, particularly on the beach.  Hourglasses and picture frames are some unique takes on traditional vases.

Knot Tying Ceremony

Also known as a true lovers knot, the fisherman’s knot forms one of the most durable bonds. The binding consists of two interlocking, overhand knots that create a symmetrical figure eight. The simple knot strengthens under pressure and becomes sturdier when it gets wet.  I love this symbolism, particularly for Cape Cod weddings as it fits with the nautical feel of the island.