Speech Writing

Can't Find the Right Words?

You've been given a great honor - delivering a speech at a loved one's wedding.  But...writing isn't your jam.  Don't sweat it.  Simply fill out a questionnaire which will give me all the information I need to write a mind-blowing Best Man, Maid of Honor, or Parent of the Bride or Groom wedding toast.  The best part is...it's our little secret.  I write.  You get credit.  It's as simple as that.

The Process

Understanding Your Vision

The questionnaire allows me to understand your relationship to the couple, memories you might want to share, the tone you want your speech to take, and the wishes you want to bestow upon the couple.  It also addresses important aspects of your speech like people you want to acknowledge and thank.  

Turning Your Vision into a Speech

Every toast I write is completely from scratch.  I don't use a template with generic copy that can be incorporated into any speech.  My goal is to produce a speech that sounds like you wrote it.  I want to use words you would use, incorporate memories that are specific to your relationship with the couple, make guests laugh, cry, or both depending on the direction you want to take.  The piece I produce will be original and from your heart.  We can make as many revisions as necessary to get it just right.

Take a Victory Lap

Don't be surprised if you find yourself soaking in compliments after you deliver your speech.  I want you to steel the show and have the guests and especially the wedding couple singing your praises for years to come!