Ceremony Officiating

I have been officiating weddings as a Justice of the Peace and Member of the Clergy since 2014.  I was a Justice of the Peace as a Chatham resident from 2014 - 2020.  When I moved to Harwich, there were no JP positions open (there are only a certain amount allotted per town).  Not wanting to abandon my career, I was able to get ordained and registered with the Commonwealth as a Member of the Clergy.  I operated exactly the same as when I was a JP, just under a different title.


Every single wedding I have written and officiated since I began my career is different.  Each couple is different.  It is important for me to get to know your history as a couple, your hopes for the future, and the style of wedding you envision.  I will have you fill out a brief questionnaire to get the ball rolling and once I have a draft prepared, you can review it and we can make as many edits as you wish.  I am very comfortable working with same-sex marriages as well as different cultural and religious backgrounds. Learn more about my background and check out my rates and services.